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Five Days Too Many, Changing The Rules & Safety Measures

Oh joy.! The children are going home this evening.! I know it’s only 24 hours early, but it’s 24 hours less than I’d have had to put up with them, especially as Bear is on an early shift tomorrow and I’d have had to put up with them alone… something at the moment I’m not prepared to do. The pup doesn’t know which way is up these days as the children are constantly hassling him to play when he’s resting, and then expecting him to leave them be when they decide they don’t want to play anymore when he gets over-excited and starts biting. He’s jumping up at them on the sofa and barking, trying to get them to play and when they tell him no, he argues. 😀 They’ve been here five days too many for my sanity levels.

They have a thing about making a sandwich and putting it on a dinner plate that drives me nuts.! Bear does it too. We have side plates, we even have side dishes but no… they have to use a dinner plate for a sandwich. WHY.?!! I never use huge plates for a sandwich and I make sandwiches and toasties a lot… but no-one seems to learn from my example. I’ve even asked why they do it and point out the smaller plates they could use instead, but they don’t use them. Always a dinner plate. Grrr.!

Bear said before we got pup that he didn’t want the dog on the furniture because of the hair and yet, every night before bed he lets the dog up to sit next to him on the sofa and sometimes in the morning if he’s alone. He’s such a softie. What concerns me is how many more rules he’s going to go soft on.? Will he allow the dog in the bedroom in time.? Something he said would never happen. Let him stay out of the crate during evening mealtimes.? Overnight.? With Bear it’s often one rule for everyone else and a completely different one for him. He’s always been that way and it can occasionally get frustrating. Perhaps puppy training will be just the thing for him.

Pup has a vet appointment tomorrow afternoon for his 12 week vaccination, and to get his claws trimmed as neither Bear nor I trust ourselves to get it right. He’s gained some weight over the past 4 weeks and uses it to his advantage when playing Tug with his toys. He’s bloody heavy and it’s difficult for me to hang on to a toy when he puts his full weight on it and he knows it is. I had to repair his bunny toy yesterday because his teeth ripped it in three places and his squeaky bear will need replacing soon, as he’s tearing that in places too. It’s his favourite toy and I’ve suggested to Bear that we get him a rubber chicken and one of those soft toys that crackle and crunch. He’ll love that.

Yesterday Bear spent most of the afternoon drilling into the patio to fix metal fence post holders, to put a fence with a gate across the bottom of the patio. Pup got brave and came off the patio and went down to the next step towards the garden. I didn’t think he’d do that with all the warnings he’s gotten over the past four weeks, but he did and now we have to fence off the patio so he’s safe and so are the fruit trees and bushes. It’s not just the fruit trees though, the outside steps to the cellar are at garden level and he’d be severely injured if he fell down them and there’s ivy on the wall at the bottom of the garden, which is toxic to dogs so I’d rather be safe.

The dog seems to like his new fence, it’s another thing for him to chew and there’s so much of it. I’m impressed with Bear’s handiwork, he’s never done anything like it before and while some men would say it’s a piece of cake (as I would too, having been married to a carpenter), he’s not really the hands on type, so anything he makes himself is a newly acquired skill and something he feels good about himself for completing.


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