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Wild, Wanton & Weary

Wild, Wanton & Weary is 48 years old, but feels twice that; has dark chestnut red hair and green eyes and is 170cm tall on good days. I’m the mother of two young men in their mid-20’s and Nanna to two precious little darlings. I’ve just been made a mother-in-law. I’ve been married and found it’s not to my liking and been divorced, also not to my liking so have vowed never to try that particular trick again.

I am a self taught Jane of all trades and enjoy making and creating things. I’m interested in family history, literature, art, architecture and psychology. I have explored vast areas of western Europe and lived in Germany for a few years. I’m a little bit geeky and like a few sports, mostly of the ‘men in tight shorts’ variety, although I have been known to enjoy F1 and MotoGP.

I blog because it stops me killing people… My mind is active 24/7 and I suffer insomnia, on top of OCD, anxiety and some form of arthritis no-one can yet diagnose effectively, as well as depression… so an outlet is needed before my warp core hits meltdown. I’m unsociable and avoid humanity as much as possible, whether for their sake or mine is, as yet, unknown.


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