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La Vida Loca

Life has been colourful and interesting for the most part, filled with people I have loved and liked and some I have happily left behind; with travel and culture, art and literature, good food and great beer and even now that it’s calm and quiet and settling down with a hot toddie and a warm blanket, things can get a little dramatic and occasionally chaotic… and have been known to get freaky.! I found Bear on Facebook in July of 2010 and since have sworn to stay away from social media… that kind of weirdness is more than I can handle… 😉

I moved in with him in November 2010 and have successfully so far, managed not to beat him to death with his own laptop… something I ought to be commended for. Currently we reside in a three-bed terrace in a little street on the edge of a city. I have been constantly planning on changing that since 2 days after we moved in, nine years ago after discovering our neighbours were the most obnoxious, noisy assholes on the planet. I get the full benefit of their screaming rows every day because I’m the domestic goddess.

We have a Border Collie mix/Duck Tolling Retriever cross puppy named DRAX the Destroyer and every other weekend we (I) try to keep the forces of nature that are Bear’s two youngest, both teenagers, from becoming like their father and existing only online. Both are highly intelligent, what their school calls gifted and both like nothing more than curling up on the sofa with Netflix and YouTube for the full 51 hours they spend with us of a weekend. Occasionally I might hear something from one of my own children, but those calls are few and far between now that they have discovered adulting is not quite as easy as they had assumed when they were free to do as they pleased.

These days, life is an endless round of chores and cooking, politics and work shifts and evenings spent trying to tire out the dog. Not that I’m complaining, it could be much more exciting, I could dress up and wear knickers and go outside in the fresh air and be around people… but I just don’t have the energy or inclination for all that drama… 🙂

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