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Pup Insanity, A Vet Visit & Out Of Date Dairy

I got to sleep in until 8.15am today, but still woke with a headache and a body that felt like lead. Despite the sun it’s bloody cold outside and the draughts are playing havoc with my hips and knees. Pup has done nothing but drive me bloody insane today constantly going back to the bikes and either chewing on the wheels or on my brake cables.! The little git can’t be distracted from them for more than a few seconds. In the end I made him come indoors and shut the back door. It’s a shame because he loves being outside and it was warm in the sun, but I was starting to piss myself off constantly repeating “Stop eating my bloody bike, you little ratbag.!” We can’t put them anywhere else unfortunately and I don’t see why we should. He needs to learn to leave stuff alone.

He growled and barked at the little old lady next door this morning. I shall have to get Bear to introduce them and then maybe he’ll stop. He doesn’t like strangers but he’s fine with people he knows and sees a lot of. He was very cautious at the Vets this afternoon. He walked in on his harness and leash, rather than in his travel crate and wasn’t at all keen on the smell. He was even less impressed with the beagle puppy that was in there and backed off, lying down right in the middle of the entrance doorway. He saw a different Vet than the last time and wasn’t keen on her until the treats came out… he got different treats from her assistant and happily posed for photos for their website.

He was then weighed and found to be 8.8kgs.! 19.4lbs… he’s gained just under a kilo a week over the past month. Then he was introduced to a different puppy, a very cute German Shepherd mix, only just 3 months old like him, but he wasn’t happy and backed off and went to hide between Bear’s legs. Socialising him is going to be a hard slog. He backs away from other dogs when we go on walks and Bear has asked a friend of his whose dog is good with other puppies if we can visit but I don’t think it’s going to do any good if he keeps backing away and hiding from every other dog he sees.

This afternoon, I made soda bread and buttermilk scones, using up the buttermilk that has been in the fridge for the past month. Luckily it was still in good condition despite being out of date by 12 days, or I’d have wasted almost a whole litre. I also made frozen yoghurt bark, with chocolate and banana and the Greek yoghurt that’s been sat in the bottom of the fridge for over a week. I couldn’t think of anything else and it’ll keep the children happy next time we don’t have dessert, or not, depending on whether I share it with them.


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