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Plague, GEDcoms & An Intelligent Puppy

Last night Bear, the kids and I played a game called Plague Inc. It’s a board game where you have to infect the world, country by country and then destroy those countries… essentially wiping out the population. Seems like a nice, jolly game to be playing during this pandemic. The rules are complex and confusing and we may have to play it again tonight for me to get a better grip of them, but I came in second behind Bear, so I did pretty well. Wiping out China helped. The kids brought a load of games with them when they arrived on Monday, including something called Scotland Yard, Rummikub and something to do with colonising a prehistoric world. We’ve been playing a game every evening and probably will until Tuesday.

Over the past few days I’ve been working on and trying to sort out my GEDcom files for my genealogy. A distant relative on my father’s side asked for a copy if I had one (which I do) and when I checked I realised it badly needed updating as it hadn’t been done since 2014. So I’ve spent a few days tracking down ancestors on and making notes of records and sources. Now it looks like I’ll have to go through all my other GEDcom files and update them too. It’s a good thing I keep my WikiTree updated, I can just transfer the information across.

The pup has now discovered how to get the treats out of his Kong ball, and amuses the heck out of me grabbing it in his mouth and jumping up so it gets some bounce and letting it go at the exact right moment to send it bouncing across the floor, spilling kibble treats. He’s learnt very quickly how to get the most out of the impact of the ball and tosses it around to break the treats inside, so the small pieces fall out. He’s a very smart little dog. Bear has taught him to sit when they get to roads when out on their walks and has him walking to heel really well. I say walks, I mean trots… Bear has a very long stride and the pup doesn’t seem to have a walk option, so they do very well together. I’m trying to teach him to hi-5. πŸ˜€

Today it rained really hard. Pup did not like it one bit. He was okay with the normal rain but as soon as it got harder and was almost pelting the patio, he whined and went to his bed crate. He likes it in there now and goes to it whenever he needs a rest or isn’t keen on whatever’s happening… usually when Bear puts Spotify on and it starts quite loudly or when the TV gets a bit loud. He’s figured out that when the end music to Star Trek: Voyager comes on, it’s bedtime… so as soon as he hears it, he goes straight to his crate… every time. πŸ˜€ He’s gotten really good with bedtime too, Bear only has to click his fingers and pup heads straight to the crate and gets into his bed. It wasn’t something he intentionally taught him, just something he did and the pup responded, so he carried on.

He’s much better with the 5am toilet breaks too. It takes me a while to get him to leave the crate, but when he does, he goes straight to the toilet pad, does his business, has a small drink of water and heads back to bed. I’m back in bed again in 5 minutes too. Unfortunately those five minutes are still having an adverse effect on my sleep. Once I’m awake, I’m awake and it takes ages for me to fall asleep again, usually just in time for me to be woken up by the 8 o’clock alarm. This morning I slept in until 10.20am, and yesterday until 9.20am. It’s not all toilet breaks that are the issue… I seem to have dancing leg syndrome in my arms as well. It’s a bugger to get comfortable when you have muscle spasms in both arms and legs… and bloody difficult to sleep when your partner snores like a steam engine for most of the night.!


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