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Causing Harm, Total Isolation & Being The Last To Know

The girl child and I are not on good terms. Yesterday the pup jumped up at her, on the sofa, for the nth time in 15 minutes. Her bare foot shot out catching him in the chest and threw him a metre across the room before he landed on his back. She was of course full of apologies, but that didn’t stop her being 10 seconds away from having her head forcibly removed from her shoulders by me… especially had she caused him physical harm. Today she stood on his back paw with her sports shoes on, while he was trying to chew on her laces making him yelp and causing him to limp.

It was an accident but she didn’t bother to apologise for it, telling the dog it was his own fault for putting his paw under her shoe and saying he was just a puppy, he was going to get hurt. When I told her he only got hurt when she was around and asked if it was his fault she’d kicked him a metre across the floor yesterday, she shut up. He yelped again when she got back from her run and tried to stroke him, but I think that was more him being startled by her sudden movement than by anything she did to him, but I’m watching her. She might only be 14, but she’s over 6 feet tall and heavily built, like her father.

Last night I called my eldest son back after missing two of his calls and spent just over 4 hours chatting and entertaining him with tales of the mad pup. He’s been completely isolated for a month now, worrying about his furlough wages and if he can afford to live, starving himself because he doesn’t know if he can afford to eat and he’s not sure if his landlord has given him a discount on his rent because of the 20% less wages he’s supposed to be getting. His fiancee has also decided to stay at home with her father and her creature comforts rather than spend time with him, even though she knows he doesn’t have the ‘Rona and neither does she.

She’s refused to even visit and it’s starting to drive him a little nuts. They talk on the phone of course, but 9 times out of 10 end up arguing over her refusal to spend even five minutes with him and he’s lonely and fed up and getting cabin fever. He needs human interaction, and he knows it’s going to be a while before that happens. I asked if it maybe was her somewhat subtle attempt at ending the relationship, there’s absolutely no need for her to not see him at all but he’s convinced that once the lockdown is lifted and he can go back to work, everything will go back to normal… not that that was much of anything worthwhile.

It’s an unfortunate fact that both my sons have terrible taste in women, as I did in men. I can only hope neither of them marries the woman they’re with before they wake up and realise what bad relationships they’re in. Not that there’s any reason why they should, I didn’t for nearly 22 years… 😦

Last night I was informed the kids were staying until Tuesday evening.!! I really hate when Bear doesn’t bother to tell me these things and I get it dumped on me out of the blue. The only reason I was told last night was because the girl child asked about laundry. I’m not sure they’re going to make it to Tuesday evening… it’s only Thursday and I already wish they weren’t here. I get antsy and pissed off at the mess they make, the wet towels they leave on their bedroom floors and their sitting on their asses, doing sod all all day glued to Netflix and YouTube and telling the dog off for trying to get them to play with him, hence how he got hurt yesterday.

Bear doesn’t bother playing with him either, unless it entertains Bear and he’s down to one walk a day because Bear thinks the 35 minutes he gets when I take him out is enough, on top of all the running about he does and playing with me. Poor pup. I’ve started wondering why we even got him… Bear was the one who wanted a puppy, yet I’m the one doing all the work and doing all the playing to keep the little guy entertained. Maybe I’ll ask.


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