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Insignificant Days, Drax The Destroyer & Mahoosive Burgers

I’m starting to forget what day it is… life just seems to flow from one day to the next with nothing of significance happening… Bear had today off, and I had no idea because I forgot to check the Google schedule he keeps… and when I did I discovered we had an appointment to go puppy watching this morning… and who wouldn’t want to go puppy watching, given the opportunity.? So I grabbed a bra and a pair of knickers and put my shoes on and we hussled out to get to the puppy place.

Where I then discovered I was to choose one. To keep. You have no idea the struggle that ensued… the sheer delight of being allowed a gorgeous, cuddly little ball of black and white fur… albeit not for a few weeks because the little darlings are not yet seven weeks old, fighting with the OCD voice that went on and on about dog hair, and wet dog smell, and fleas and walkies and furniture and stuff being damaged because puppies chew things and pee on things and poo everywhere.

O.M.G.! I wish I had a proper brain sometimes… like who cares if puppies pee, and poo and slobber and chew things and smell funny… they’re puppies, they’re supposed to. Human babies do the same thing, just not at floor level most of the time… but unfortunately, I don’t have a proper brain and mine is stupid and obsessive and overthinks shit it shouldn’t. And those puppies were so adorable and so cute and I got to choose one. And I’m going to name him Drax the Destroyer because he looks like a Drax and maybe he’ll live up to his name. πŸ˜€

So then I shut my stupid brain up by browsing the ‘Net for beds and collars and leashes and harnesses and puppy toys and training equipment and puppy friendly, eco-friendly shampoo’s and conditioners and bath toys and towels and rope chews and squeaky toys and glow in the dark jingly things and stuff that would keep a nine week old puppy entertained and happy, so it didn’t think about chewing on stuff I’d rather it didn’t. Then I made Bear sort stuff out to make room for the Pup.

So we’ve been really productive today too. And I have a puppy. And I’m not going to let my OCD ruin it. This evening Bear ordered huge burgers for dinner from my favourite burger place… and it kept me from thinking too much because it was MASSIVE and I couldn’t eat the chips because I was stuffed to bursting from the burger. So for whichever day it is today, and I honestly do not have a clue, it was a really good day. πŸ™‚

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