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Irony, Online Education & Returning To Normal

My sister just made me laugh out loud.! On Saturday after her wedding, she went down to the beach (in the freezing cold) and ate fish and chips with 40-50 people, dancing together, posing for photos and generally interacting normally… then today she sees a photo on Facebook of a large crowd of people waiting outside a supermarket, for it to open and comments “Loonies.! Don’t they get that they could catch the virus?” Seriously.! I’ve never had to wonder about her before, in the last few weeks it’s been almost daily…

These past few days with the children have been interesting. Every morning from 8.30am until 12pm they’ve attended school via Google Classroom, interacted with their tutors over Google Meet and even managed to get ahead of their classwork. The boy child has been over-using his stress ‘toys’, but in his place I expect I would too. He’s just moved home, doesn’t have to physically go in to school, which has thrown his routine off kilter and he’s doing his lessons through an online app., which doesn’t give him the option to ask questions and get verification. Tres stressful, poor kid.

Bear goes back to work tomorrow afternoon, after he’s taken the children home. Luckily there’s still enough food to make a meal with, so he won’t have to go shopping until Wednesday. Despite having the past 6 days off he still looks like he could do with some sleep, although the bags under his eyes have reduced a little. I’ve decided to do chips for dinner tonight… the children love them, and they and Bear see them as a treat.. and what better way to end all this time off. The children don’t get chips at home, so it’s back to pasta and fish dinners for a fortnight.

It also means I can finally get the housework done and get my home back to normal. There’s no point trying to vacuum with kids about, and Bear going in and out of the garden on a three times daily basis, walking dirt and bits of leaf in. It’s been doing my head in, but I’ve kept control of my very strong desire to clean everything and have managed to only ensure that the door handles, stair rail and toilet flusher are wiped down with a hygiene wipe three times a day. They’ve all been good, washing their hands and using disposable tissues and putting their glasses and cups in the dishwasher, so I don’t have to handle them.

I was asked by an online friend in Russia how I can stand the self-isolation. I told her I’ve been self-isolating for more than ten years, because I hate people. She totally understood. She’s just as sick of people panic buying and ignoring social distancing as the rest of us. As yet she doesn’t have to self-isolate, although she is cutting back on where she goes and changing how she gets there. Tomorrow is vegetarian sausage and pineapple curry… I know, it sounds weird to me too, but the recipe looks pretty good. 🙂


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