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Being Nice & Why I Can’t Live Amongst Humans

I’m in a happy, dance-y mood today… must be puppy overflow… I even bothered to see how my family were doing over the family FB group this morning, and went through some of the recent photos on their profiles and made nice comments… I’m not my usual unsociable ‘oblivious to everyone’ self today. 😀 It won’t last, don’t worry. Already Bear is updating me as to the extreme inhumane cruelties human beings are inflicting on each other in the face of the Corona… and I have become aware that my tolerance for stupid people, regardless of their reasoning, is decreasing exponentially.

People who are evicting family members just because they work in hospitals… Are you seriously shitting me.? People who are mugging healthcare workers at knife point for their ID… What in God’s name is wrong with them.? If you don’t look anything like that person, you can’t use the ID… so why.? I’m starting to wonder if it’s me, you know. I don’t accept that people actually believe this ridiculous behaviour is okay, and I think anyone who does behave in this manner against their fellow human, especially those they say they love, needs locking in a padded cell, because not only are they a danger to others, they’re a hazard to themselves, and I seem to be in the minority.

I just don’t understand why it happens. I don’t understand panic-buying, I don’t understand hoarding, I don’t understand victimising others, I don’t understand human beings at all. I just don’t get it. I’m as rebellious as the next person, in my own way, but if you’re told by health experts to stay indoors because you could catch a viral infection that has the potential to kill you and your loved ones, you stay the hell indoors. If they tell you to stay at least 6 feet away from the next person, you do it, don’t you.? You don’t go out jogging in groups, or having BBQ’s in the local park, or attend football matches with the kids. Or is it just me that would do as I was told by someone who knows what the hell they’re talking about.?

Granted I left the house with Bear to go grocery shopping, because he didn’t want to have to keep on ringing me to find out what he should get if they didn’t have what I’d written on the shopping list, and yes, we did get a few extra’s, but we got one extra packet of pasta, one extra box of Passata, one extra tin of kidney beans, we didn’t buy up an entire shelf of toilet paper or fight everyone for the hand sanitiser because there were only 55 bottles left… actually there weren’t, there wasn’t any left… people suck, especially in the face of adversity, and I just can’t deal with that… which is why I’ve always self-isolated, because I hate people… and that’s why.

I can’t live amongst them, or I’d kill every last one of them, not including the children. Children can be taught. See, now my happy, dance-y mood is waning… 😦 Time for music I think.


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