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Matters Of Communication & The Wrong Shoes

Yesterday was another dull, uninteresting day. I spent it working on genealogy and browsing through shoe store websites, whilst listening to classic rave tunes. Bear and I are still a little distant since the blow-up on Sunday, but we’re getting there. We chatted about the wedding, travel plans and social commitments that are causing me a great deal of stress, and my hopes to see my son when we get to the UK.

Who seems to be well on his way to getting fired. Yet again his mouth has run away with him and gotten him into a whole shit ton of trouble. Great.! So much for being responsible and mature… we’re currently conducting another 3+ hour phone conversation over Messenger. 😀 He wants a new job, but he seems to have exhausted pretty much every employment company in his area.

It would be a good idea for him to move, but unfortunately he can’t drive and can’t afford to learn to. Life sucks for him at the moment and he gets frustrated and depressed and vents to me, which is totally fine, but it leaves me feeling helpless because I can’t help him. 😦 My new shoes have arrived and are not the ones I wanted. The new ones are shiny leather, the ones I wanted are a matt black crepe. 😦 I knew I shouldn’t have let Bear re-order them.

I already know I’m going to need plasters under my ankle bones… I’m planning to wear the shoes for an hour a day until the wedding… ouch.! Now that my son has gone to shower I plan on getting some laundry done and then resuming my genealogy work from yesterday.


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