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Genealogy, The Mommy & Predatory Monopoly… Again.!

The past few days have been full of genealogy, as I was trying to track down members of the Stone family for a friend… it’s fascinating stuff, for me anyway. This branch of the family’s origins began in Lancashire, England in the early 16th century and ended up in Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana by the mid-19th century. By the mid-20th century, they were in Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.

My tattoo is still weeping a little ink and is a bit red around mid-shin on both legs. I hope it’s not getting infected. I’ve been smearing Bepanthen cream on twice a day for the past 6 days.

The kids arrived Saturday morning and went back this morning to school. They’re moving house today, so we kept them overnight so they weren’t underfoot while their Mother and Stepdad got ready for the removal company this morning. We went to the Mommy’s yesterday and had red cabbage mash and sausages, home made ‘wafels’ and chocolate eggs… I wore my new shoes to show her and to practice walking on different surfaces. I’ve remembered how to walk on high heels, after having not worn them in 11 years, I just have to concentrate on not turning my ankle… A&E is not where I want to be in the next three weeks.

We played Monopoly with the kids again last night… and this time the girl child cried. I went in with a bang, with double six, double four and double two… bought the properties I landed on, then went to jail… no problem… I left them standing. đŸ˜€ Bear didn’t even make it once around the board before I’d been round twice. He got a card that made one of his opponent’s have to pay for all the properties in one colour, and chose the girl child, who didn’t have a lot of money, but had a ton load of property. She cried, so he changed his mind and didn’t play it. Soft touch.!

He ended up leaving the game after the boy child got the ‘property stealing’ card from the pack and saved it until Bear had hotels on all the pale blue properties, then stole them from him. It went downhill rapidly from there, as the boy child also had the ‘property stealing cancel’ card, so he couldn’t be stopped and we decided he’d won only because we couldn’t afford to oppose him. Pretty damn savage though, waiting until your father has hotels on the only full set of properties he has and then taking them from him. That boy might well be a decent opponent in time.

This morning I made Carrot and Kidney bean burgers. Bear is on a late shift today, so they’re quick and easy. I also made a spiced carrot, red onion and sweet chili pepper salsa to go with them, so that should keep his need for spicy food fed.


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