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Shitty Non-Days & Anxiety Come-Down

Yesterday got written off as a non-day. Needless to say it was one of those days where naff all gets done because my energy levels were non-existent. Today is proceeding the same way. I had to get up when Bear left for work because the bin men are coming today to collect all the plastic and packaging waste and all our bags were down in the cellar. I’ve done the housework and now am exhausted. The anxiety come-down is a bitch. I have a headache, feel lethargic and emotionally drained and have no appetite.

We had to wrap my lower legs in cling film (saran wrap) last night because the ink had found more little wrinkles in the tattoo film to leak out of… thankfully yesterday’s bed linen is clean… the ink came out. We’ll be taking all the wrappings off my legs this evening… it’s been 72 hours and I really need to shower. I hate having black ink smears all over my skin. Obviously for tonight I’ll be wearing my comfies to bed, just in case the tattoos haven’t stopped leaking.

I’d rather have traces of black ink on my black leggings, than on my white sheets even if it did wash out of the other linen easily. Right now I have Spotify playing my Chooooooooonz playlist and I’m endeavouring to organise a meal plan and shopping list for the rest of this week. Thinking about food makes me feel sick so I’m just planning a simple cheese and tomato pasta for tonight. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


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