Making The Decision Amid The Spreading Plague

I took the decision to put a stop to our travel plans. We are not going to my sister’s wedding this weekend. The children will be coming here on Friday afternoon as they would normally and Bear is now calmer and happier than he was yesterday. He seemed to think he had to make the decision for me because it being my family, I was too close to the situation. Personally, had he decided for me, I would have been seriously pissed off. I am perfectly capable of making decisions for myself.

The fact that he hates making decisions told me he was stressing about it, so I took it out of his hands. I told my sister this morning. She seemed totally fine about it, amid other fears of having to cancel the majority of her plans as the UK is currently re-amending their precautionary measures too. If the restaurant she’s booked her reception at closes, she could lose all the money she paid for it. The ceremony won’t be cancelled, but she could end up with only immediate family as groups of more than 100 people gathering in one place are now banned.

It’s definitely not what she envisioned for her special day, and if I was her I’d be pissed off. She refuses to postpone it though, despite her father-in-law-to-be having a weak immune system. If he got Corona he wouldn’t last long. I get why she won’t. She’s waited so long to find her other half, and planned and organised and got everything arranged exactly as she wants it, and now suddenly, within 24 hours, things have gone from planned to wrecked.

The only thing she has some control over is the actual ceremony and she’s not about to lose that, come hell or high water… or the damn plague. I only hope it goes without a hitch, having her wedding guests contract the virus at her wedding would be devastating. Just so it doesn’t depress me any further, I’ve put my dress away and packed my new shoes away, no reason for them to just sit and collect dust. My stylist cancelled yesterday too. She has to close her salon so as not to spread any contagen.


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