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The Salon Goddess, Dropping Like Flies & The Stubborn Ass Mommy.!

Yesterday, my stylist reinstated her situation as open for business, having told her client base she was having to close due to the virus. She was then informed that she could remain open as long as she only allowed one client into her salon at a time and made sure she used a special cleaning fluid provided for her on every surface before and after every client to ensure everyone’s protection. This morning I got my appointment. I was supposed to have it yesterday morning, but because of the cancellation missed it, so Bear asked for it to be reinstated this morning.

So now my hair is a deep copper colour and all the yucky greeny/blonde is covered up. My salon Goddess only had to trim an inch off the bottom, as we suddenly realised now that my hair was darker, just how long it had gotten and I changed my mind about the inverted bob. I was going to do it differently anyway as I remembered how bloody infuriating having my hair poking into the back of my neck actually is, so I was going for a shoulder length blunt cut… then saw how long my hair was… all change again… still went for the blunt cut… just a lot longer than it was going to be.

So good to get rid of that greeny/blonde

So I’m happy and feel better. My poor sister however is facing a bit of a disaster, as my brother and his wife have had to pull out of attending her wedding on Saturday, as my sister-in-law has asthma and has been ordered by her doctor not to travel. So they’re not going now. Apparently, a lot of the guests have pulled out due to the risk of getting the Coronavirus, and the fear of spreading it to their loved ones. They seem to be dropping like flies. My sister is of course, still adamant that it’s going ahead regardless…

The issue now is that my parents are driving up to see her tomorrow and staying in a hotel, and my Mum’s friend, who has asthma and high blood pressure will be going up on Saturday morning on public transport.! I’m concerned about that, as it would not be a wise move. If she contracts the virus it could well be game over… and my sister will be devastated (as will my mother) if anything happens to her. I wish my sister would rethink and postpone, but I know she won’t…

We had to tell The Mommy off today too. First, her youngest son rings up and asks if there’s anything she needs, and says that he can get her shopping done and delivered to her online if need be, so she doesn’t have to go out. She tells him she has everything she needs and won’t be going out. Then Bear calls later in the day and asks the same thing, offering to get anything she needs and bring it over, leaving it on her doorstep. She tells him she’s good and everything’s okay and she’ll be staying in.

Her step-daughter calls and asks the same thing, and her step-granddaughter.! After all these people showing concern for her health and well-being and offering to get anything she needs and bring it to her… she only goes out and does a load of shopping for herself.!! She’s 72, has heart problems and high blood pressure… Jeez..! I sure know now who Bear gets his stubbornness from… 😦


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