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One Wrong Word Will Get You Gutted Like A Fish….

Yesterday I had the stocking seam tattoo done. Bear’s tattoo artist friend was actually pretty good and the results of her work are acceptable. It’s not painful but now I’m leaking black ink all over the place.

Stocking Seams

It’s Sunday, so it’s a lazy day. I have a headache, my legs ache and one wrong word will get you gutted like a fish. I was kept awake until gone 3am by my shithead neighbours partying, shouting their goddamned mouths off in the street and attempting to sing to Pink Floyd on their TV at the top of their lungs.

So I’m tired, pissed off and on the verge of beating someone’s brains in with a brick… Anyone’s, I don’t care whose. I’ll deal with the neighbours later. Right now I’m trying to concentrate on reading, writing and not listening to the shitty sport on TV that’s mind-numbingly dull and been on for five hours already.!

I have things to do, but I can’t be assed. It’s all going to have to wait until such time as I’m in the mood. Dinner will be whatever I can be bothered to make with whatever is still in the fridge and next week’s meal plan is going to have to wait until tomorrow.


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