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Bras, Shoes & Ferry Crossings

Bear went into town to collect our wedding gear from the tailor’s, and other than a little wonky stitching, they did a great job and the clothes fit perfectly. The straps they made from the halter neck are easy to get in and out of, which was a concern because they’re nice and snug. Now to wash everything and get it packed away in a tuxedo carry-bag. Next on the agenda is a bandeau bra to go under the dress. That’ll be a challenge, I don’t even know if they make them in an E cup.

My shoes arrived this afternoon, only to be too small. A US size 9 is not an EU size 39… as the website stated. I wish these people would get their sizes correct, it’s such a pain in the ass having to send stuff back and re-order and have to wait yet another week for the new stuff to arrive. At this rate I’m going to have a week to break the new shoes in before wearing them for 11 hours straight. 😦 I have a hair appointment a few days before the wedding, to have the blonde’ish part of my hair dyed a deep copper and cut into an inverted bob.

Bear’s coming too, to have his beard tidied up and his hair shaved into a gradient. It’ll be the first time my hair’s seen scissors in 10 months. We’ve decided to take the overnight ferry to the UK. I’m not looking forward to it, the last time I went on an overnight sail it was March and very stormy. I didn’t sleep at all because the ship was being tossed around by what felt like 30 foot waves. I hope it’ll be better this time.

I haven’t done a hell of a lot today, I did my chores when Bear went to work, but that’s about it. I made egg fried rice with veggies for dinner and put chilli flakes in his, as he loves it spicy.


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