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Broken Sleep, A Roman Museum & The Male Model

I missed posting yesterday mainly because I was exhausted, having been woken up by Bear’s alarm at 5.50am and then again at 6.20am. Then woken again by Pigeon Man’s son, shouting to himself out in the street around 8am, and then woken again by the boy child banging the living room door. Bear got up around 9.30am and I went back to sleep, only to be woken a fifth time at 10am by him coming up to tell me my coffee was getting cold.

So half asleep and blurry eyed I made my way downstairs to coffee and croissants the kids had made, because it was their last day with us. We’d decided to go to the Roman Bath-house Museum in town and I’d decided to walk it. Probably a dumb idea considering the sciatica I’ve been coping with all this week but other than lower back, hip and ankle pain, and of course bloody sore feet after walking for more than three hours, I didn’t feel too bad.

Bear thinks I was just being stubborn, we could have taken the car down to the town and parked 500 metres closer to the Museum, but I actually wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. We live on a hill, and that damn thing causes me a lot of pain, giving me backache walking down it, and knee and hip-ache walking back up it again. Which is why I cycle everywhere usually, but having lost 14 kgs over the past seven months, I wanted to see if the weight loss helped with the pain and breathlessness I usually have to deal with.

And to be honest, the hill wasn’t a major problem, I had a little lower back pain, but managed to walk into town and all around the Museum and back again, down another hill and back up the hill towards home, with only minor twinges in my hip and ankle. Of course getting home again was a massive relief, but this morning I’m not sore, other than a little in my lower back and I’m nowhere near as incapacitated as I would normally be.

We have to go into town again today, but Bear says we’re cycling, he doesn’t want to take the chance that walking that hill again will cause me more pain, after yesterday’s hike. We’re going to the tailor’s to see what they can do with my dress and Bear’s trousers for the wedding, and how much it’s going to cost. He also has an appointment with a photographer around 2pm, for a photo for a poster Bear and his college mates have to make for a mini-symposium on psychiatric patients being reintroduced into ‘normal’ society after months in a care environment.

He had an appointment last night with a photographer, who wanted to photograph him reading a book for an article for World Book Day on March 5th. I’m gonna start calling him ‘the male model’… 😀


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