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Big Boobs, Carnival & The Mommy

The problem with being shaped like an upside down pear is that you have to wear tops and blouses and dresses to fit your bust, not your body. I’m usually a UK 16/18, but due to being top heavy I have to wear a UK 22/24 on top. The tattoo dress came yesterday as expected, well, both tattoo dresses came yesterday. Having a lot of experience with plus size clothing, I ordered sizes two and three times above my usual. I’m never sure what will fit and how small or big the cut is, especially with non-stretchy materials.

Happily the three times bigger dress was too big, although my boobs were still difficult to contain. The two sizes bigger dress was much better, slightly less roomy, although I’m still going to have to get it tweaked to fit, as there’s too much room under my arms and a funnel down my cleavage when the halter neck is tied. Not the kind of look you want at your little sister’s wedding. Thankfully, it’s easily fixed. I only hope it’s not too expensive to do, or I’ll be looking for another dress that’s not a halter neck.

The kids are here this afternoon, staying until Wednesday evening as they have a week off school for Carnival. Bear has the week off, with just a late shift on Thursday, and all next weekend off too. 🙂 We don’t do Carnival. It’s just an excuse to get pissed up during the day while dressed in a costume and go around hassling people. It used to be fun years ago, with floats and parades and street parties, but now it’s just large groups of dressed up people on a pub crawl.

No plans as yet for the week ahead, but we will be seeing The Mommy tomorrow for a change if she’s well enough. She’s had the flu this past week, poor thing but she has at least been listening to good advice and resting, drinking plenty of fluids and keeping warm. Which for her is probably a first… she’s a very strong willed, feisty lady at the best of times and can’t be told something she doesn’t want to hear. 🙂


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