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Zoodles, Harlot Shoes & Hair Bumps

Zoodles… are much like rocket science, everything has to be exactly right for the damn things to work, or they won’t.! Three tries and four courgettes later, still no zoodles, lots of green mush that looks about as appetising as a 1980’s McDonald’s chicken burger though. Guess I’m making carrot soup later.

Bear’s on a late shift today, so I’ve made Chimichurri bean balls for skewers with sweet red pepper, chestnut mushrooms, red onion and cherry tomatoes on rice. He’s currently on his way back from Maastricht, as he decided he wasn’t keen on the black shirt with the red accents we got on Tuesday and went back to swap it for the red, rose print shirt. I won’t say I told him so, but…

I showed him the Bordello red and black shoes I finally decided on and got his immediate approval. Apparently, sexy shoes are more my thing… (??) which says two things, 1, that plain white shoes are not sexy, so are not worth wasting money on, no matter how great they’d look and 2, that he sees me as some kind of closet harlot.

He doesn’t seem to have quite grasped that I’m far more likely to break an ankle or my neck in those heels than look at all alluring… I’m too old (and too fragile) to be tottering around in heels like my 21 year old attention seeking self used to decades ago. Sexy is not my thing these days… comfort and practicality is… my poor worn-out joints don’t need the pressure.

The tattoo dress is due to be delivered today, sometime between now and 3.45pm. I’ve been watching YouTube videos on how to get a quick and easy ‘bump’ in my hair without using weird and wonderful contraptions or back-combing which I’m grateful for, brushing out back-combing is a real bitch. So I’ll be trying that out this afternoon. The shoes will be delivered next Friday.


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