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Carnival Food, Bathroom Scales & A Comedic Teenager

It’s so nice to go to bed and wake up on fresh bed linen… although not so nice to wake up to a hearty dose of sciatica. 😦 Around 10 to 9 I slipped out of bed, leaving Bear to snooze and came downstairs to an empty living room, which is novel. Playing Catan until 10.45pm last night must have tired the kids out. Might have to try that again tonight. 😀

I got some chores done before we went to visit The Mommy, who had carnival food at the ready; hotdogs, devilled eggs, herring fillets, gherkins and a cold potato salad with spring onions and pulled beef in it (I passed on the herring, yeuch.!). All of which came after the HUGE apricot jam doughnuts and cappuccinos, and then there was home made waffles and sweet rosé wine.

Seriously going to have to knuckle down to a low calorie/low carb menu these next few weeks, or I’ll have to reorder my dress in the next size up… 😮 Bought some new bathroom scales when we went shopping this evening, sick of my digital ones changing their mind from one minute to the next, so we bought some analogue ones instead, which have proven what a liar the digital ones are.

The Mommy is much better now, but the girl child has a cold and a cough, so I’ve been dosing her up on soluble Ibuprofen and cough syrup. There’s only so much snuffling and snorting I can take. Thank God for Spotify on my tablet, as the boy child has taken over the TV to build PixelArt on the Xbox. He thinks he’s funny pretend snuffling and snorting because he knows it gets on my nerves.

I told him I’d beat him up if he didn’t quit it… he laughed. He thinks that at 13 years old and 5’11” I won’t kick his ass… he’s badly mistaken. I have no problem scaring the crap out of a deliberately annoying teenager with a superiority complex, especially when my TV privileges have been taken away, albeit temporarily, by his desire to play.


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