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Stocking Seam Tattoos & Pineapple Salsa

Bear went off to college this morning, taking the car as he wants to take it into the garage afterwards to get the exhaust bracket checked. Since it was replaced the exhaust rattles, which it shouldn’t and Bear doesn’t want it to become an issue. He’s off to a political meeting this evening, so I have to remember to get dinner ready in time, unlike the last time. 😦 I made a decision about the shoes and have chosen the red Bordello heels to go with the Rockabilly black and white brogue heels.

Bear suggested getting stocking seams tattooed up the back of my legs, which is something I’ve wanted since I was 21, but didn’t have the balls to get done, mainly because of my fear of needles. It would look pretty awesome with the tattoo dress and Rockabilly heels. I’m going to have to practice getting my hair in a quiff though. I’ll have to ask my friend and 1950’s style expert Peggy how to as she’s also my stylist. She loves that era.

Not much else to do today, so I’m going to start my new book and maybe get some Xbox time, depending on how long Bear’s gone tonight. I found a pineapple salsa online that sounds lush, so I’m going to do it with falafel in small tortilla wraps, like tacos. Mmmm.!


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