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Cheesecake, Gummy Floors & De-Slobbering The Windows

#1 son sent me photos of his cheesecake yesterday and I have to say it’s damned impressive for a first try. If her ladyship doesn’t appreciate his efforts I’ll go over there and help him eat it myself. 😀

Today, I will be cleaning the kitchen floor, having spent last night sticking to it with every step. That’s way too much for my highly sensitive germophobia to take. The damned floor is gummy from dog slobber and pee and God only knows what else. The little fuzzbutt walks across his potty pad on his way out of the back door, despite the potty pad being nowhere near his usual route and walks his previous wee all over the floor. I’m certain he does it deliberately.

How Bear can stand to walk around barefoot I don’t know, the very idea makes me feel nauseous. So the disinfectant is coming out and that floor’s getting a bloody good scrub. Usually I’d use bleach because I’m obsessive about hygiene and cleanliness, but it’s toxic to the doggo, so I can’t. Disinfectant will have to do and I’ll have to keep fingers crossed that the fuzzball doesn’t find the smell enticing enough to start licking the floor once it’s cleaned, like he did with the window.

Never using vinegar again.! While it cuts through the revolting dried on slobber beautifully, it also encourages doggo to continue licking the damned windows, like a special boy, because he likes the sour taste. He also likes the taste of Windowlene, which is toxic to him, the dumb ass. I used to use it before he came, but no more as he took to licking the windows and frames at every opportunity. Now I have to use hot water and a little lemon juice.

I’m betting he still licks the windows, Bear says he won’t. We’ll see.


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