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Chewing Solution?

Having spent the past five weeks being driven nuts by the pup chewing on bloody everything, tonight I finally thought of the natural aroma oils I have in my baking cupboard that I use for cookies and cakes. They are small vials of sunflower oil mixed with natural oils from the citrus peel, so there’s no chemicals in them to harm him and they’re really strong, you’re only supposed to use 2-3 drops of them in cakes. I have lemon, orange, rum, bitter almond and bitter vanilla. Why the hell I didn’t think of these earlier I don’t know… it’s not like I haven’t read that dogs hate the smell of citrus and pup balks when Bear is eating a Minneola and lets him smell the peel, which he backs away from. D’oh.!

The great thing is pup HATES the smell of the lemon oil so I’ve used some of it to rub into my house shoes that he loves to chew on and the bookshelves after he ripped and ate the cover from the spine of a book this evening. I’m SO happy… finally there will be an end to his destructive chewing and it won’t harm him in any way, which obviously had to be a consideration. He might be driving me bat shit crazy but there’s no need to be mean. I did try him with a little sniff of bleach earlier this evening as I read that dogs hate ammonia, which he really does, but as it’s also toxic and can cause eye, nose and throat issues I didn’t use it. I was thinking of cleaning the floor with it, but I’ll find something else.

Bear and I have decided to use a water pistol for the fence post issues. Nothing else seems to be working and he’s visibly damaged one of the fence posts already. He got a taste of that this evening, having gone back to the fence post for the fiftieth time today to chew it and got a blast of cold water on his haunch… he yelped in surprise and came and hid under my feet. He’ll learn fairly quickly as Bear is a pretty good shot. Finally things are starting to look up. I can rub the oil onto my bike’s brake cables that he’s constantly trying to chew and onto Bear’s bike tyres. With any luck I won’t constantly have to watch him like a hawk when he’s outside anymore. Especially as the bikes are under cover so the oil won’t wash off in the rain.

UPDATE: Perhaps a little premature celebration… this morning doggo decided to give my house shoes a chew… I nearly cried, but it was only a temporary thing, once he got a taste of strong lemon he left them alone. Unfortunately the smell fades, but hopefully the taste won’t. I’m going to try it on the bikes anyway and see if it helps deter his constant chewing on them. Keeping fingers crossed.


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