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Sleep Glorious Sleep, Walkies For Beginners & Boring Vegetarian Recipes

Imagine the surprise I got this morning, waking up to find it was light, the birds were singing and Bear was nudging me and asking if I’d been down to the pup in the night, which I hadn’t as the alarm hadn’t gone off. In fact, no alarm went off last night so I got 5 hours and 45 minutes straight sleep.! Hallelujah.!! \o/ Finally… just as I was beginning to think my next decent nights sleep would be in 2021, the dog sleeps through.

He must have been exhausted with all the running instead of walking and racing around the house like a mad thing he’s done this weekend. That’s a plus side to having the children stay… they tire the dog out. Two walks a day plus playtime and races around the patio with toys and the broom head and jumping up and down chasing his stick is more than enough exercise to keep my little whirlwind happy.

I’m keeping fingers crossed that we get another decent nights sleep tonight. Apparently pup is supposed to have 13 minutes exercise a day, according to, but as he uses that up as soon as he wakes up in the morning, racing around the house and patio with the Zoomies and chasing his squeaky bear and ball (and his own tail) he’s getting way more than his recommended quota.

He goes for a walk with me in the morning, which consists of being carried out of the house and halfway down the road (because as soon as the harness comes out of the cupboard he tries to eat it rather than allowing me to put it on him and flatly refuses to budge once stood on the doorstep, inside the house), before he decides he will walk after all and sniffs his way along the grass to the paved road on the opposite side, where he then starts to trot in the general direction of home before running hell for leather to the front door of our house. It takes all of 5 minutes.

I’m not sure he quite grasps the concept of walkies. He loves the sound of the word, but once the harness comes out he backs off and has to be held with one hand while I try to manoeuvre his head into the harness with the other. Once the harness is on he stands still and lets me do it up and attach the leash. Then he refuses to budge and scoots backwards to try to get away.

When Bear takes him out in the evening, he happily makes it to the front step before deciding he’d rather not and tries to wriggle out of going outside. So Bear has to carry him a certain distance before he’ll then want to walk and the whole trotting and running for home process starts over. He has grasped the concept of stick though… now having three after picking them up on his walks and happily trotting home with them, despite one of them being three times his length.

Today I had to get the weekly dinner menu sorted and a shopping list written for Bear. Every week it’s getting harder and harder to find decent low calorie vegetarian recipes that don’t include lentils or tofu and I’m finding that I’m going back to previously tried and liked recipes and changing them up a little because there’s nothing new and inspiring on the Interwebs. You’d think with so many in quarantine and locked down for weeks on end, someone would come up with new and interesting foodie stuffs and share it, or do I have to do it all by myself.?

Today’s shopping list included chestnut mushrooms and Greek yoghurt as I’m working on a Mushroom Stroganoff recipe with tarragon that I found back in January. I may post it here so watch this space…! 🙂


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