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Puppy Love, Vintage Furniture & Permanent Residency

Yesterday we went to see the puppy again… and got to cuddle him… and took lots of pictures and a couple of videos of him playing with his siblings. Then we came home and bought loads of puppy stuff online, because we were told we could have him as early as Monday… instead of in two weeks time. It was delivered today. So DRAX the Destroyer’s new home is well equipped for a seven week old pup… we have yet to choose a veterinarian to look after his health, but as he’ll need his vaccinations at nine weeks, I think we’ll go with recommendations from friends who have dogs.

Bear is so excited… he’s never had a dog before and is really looking forward to being a Puppy-Daddy. I told him he had to be the alpha male or pup would walk all over him and he said he would be… I seriously doubt it, he’s such a softie, he’ll be letting the pup up on the furniture and letting him go upstairs with him and giving him treats even when he hasn’t done anything to deserve them. But that’s what I love about him, his ability to know when it’s okay to be a bit softer in his approach, and when not to be, although we do have the occasional disagreement.

I may have to step up and take the reins for a while until the novelty of having a cute little ball of fur that adores him wears off, if it ever does. I mean, he’s had me adoring him for almost ten years now… and he never gets tired of it. 😀 Today, I cleared up the dust that appeared to be bloody everywhere after we took the china cabinet upstairs to make some space. Bear was going to sell it online, but it’s too nice to give away for a few tenners, so we’re keeping it and getting rid of the baby furniture that’s been in the kids’ rooms since I moved in.

It’s full of stuff they don’t bother with anymore, so that might as well be boxed up ready for grandchildren and the furniture replaced with something we’ll use. Or in some cases, just gotten rid of. There’s so many toys they had as toddlers still hanging around and it’s not like anyone’s going to pay money for it, it’s too old and people want new these days so there’s little point in hoarding it and I doubt the kids’ll want it. They don’t look at anything twice that’s not on a screen.

Tonight Bear and I checked out the application form for my permanent residence permit. Since Brexit back in January I am no longer considered an EU resident, and as such have until June 30th to apply for a new residence permit so that I can continue living in the Netherlands. I could just get a 5 year temporary permit, but I don’t see things turning sour with Bear anytime soon, so a 10 year permanent permit would be best. June 30th is when the temporary residence permit that I was given last March runs out. I’ve no idea what would happen if I didn’t have a permit after June 30th.

I’m guessing there would be leeway after the June 30th deadline for mitigating circumstances but there’s no reason for me to push it, I don’t have a job, don’t have an income, can’t speak the language fluently and am not married to Bear, so I’m pretty lucky to be allowed to stay, it’s not like I’m contributing anything economically.


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