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Coffee Maid, Facial Cesspit & Over-Sensitivity, Perhaps.?

Today started at 10.50am, with me teaching the boy child how to make mine and Bear’s coffee… I always wanted a coffee maid. Now all I have to do to get the process started is bang on the floor when the kids are staying, to get a hot cup of wake-up juice waiting for me when I come downstairs. Bliss.! 🙂

The boy child is already well aware that being willing to make the coffee is going to bite him on the ass… When I asked for volunteers, his sister pretended not to hear me… she’s a smart girl sometimes… 😀 She asked me to clean her glasses earlier… Dear God, what the hell she does with them I don’t want to know.

It took over 15 minutes, with warm water and four different cloths to clean the filth off of them. She decided to leave her contact lenses at home this weekend and wear her glasses instead. Her contact lenses probably look like the bottom of a cesspit too, I shouldn’t wonder.

I have a four o’clock appointment on Saturday to have the stocking seams tattooed down the backs of my legs. Bear is still completely oblivious despite my assuring him it’s not ‘the tattoo’ I have a problem with. Subtlety goes straight over his head, but then most of the time so do breeze block heavy hints.

I’m not telling him straight out that I can’t stand his precious ex-work colleague… I don’t need the hurt looks and Spanish Inquisition-style interrogation as to why. He just wouldn’t get it. To him having a woman excitedly throw herself into his arms, while his partner is stood right next to him is totally fine.

Having said woman completely snub his partner and buy only him a beer, which he accepted, while he was sat next to his partner, is apparently also totally fine. It wouldn’t cross his mind at all that there would be something deeply offensive about said woman’s actions because he likes her.

Or maybe I’m being over-sensitive, although I really don’t think I am. What do you think.?


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