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Monopoly, Burns & ‘Surprise’ Tattoos

Ellen’s decided to blow a gale and chuck it down all over us today, so we’re being lazy watching movies and playing Catan. We went to look for another game yesterday, as we’re all fed up with Bear winning every time and have ordered a Stranger Things version of Monopoly online. It should be here tomorrow. It’s not the exact same game as Monopoly, as you can go under ground and have to battle monsters and get Blinking Lights cards, but it’s very similar and there’s a chance someone other than Bear will win.

I burnt myself this afternoon, making fried egg sammiches, I held the splatter guard up in front of me while trying to manoeuvre an egg onto the spatula and bumped the splatter guard against my arm… so now I have a long red welt just above my wrist. I hope it doesn’t scar. Bear went ahead and made an appointment with a tattoo artist he knows for me for next Saturday. I’m not happy about it, as I don’t like the girl and she doesn’t like me, something Bear is of course, completely oblivious to.

Not that I can tell him because then he’ll want to know why I don’t like her and go on about how lovely she is and what a wonderful artist she is etc, etc… just because she used to work in psychiatry with him for about fourteen months, eight years ago and he treated her like a little sister; he’s already gone and had two tattoos done by her without giving me a say in it and now he expects me to allow her to ink me without having a say. I think things are going to escalate quickly between now and Saturday.

I prefer to choose my own artist and meet them first to see how I feel about them and see their work before deciding if I’m going to have them work on me, rather than choosing someone whose new to it all, got a few months experience and is likely to be cheaper than other more professional artists. 😦


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