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A Sick Puppy, Toxic Plants & Being A Dick

Our poor little puppy is sick and it’s our fault.! The evening before yesterday, he started emitting projectile diarrhoea. I’d given him the last of his chicken treats in the afternoon and he was reluctant to eat it at first, but then he did… I put it down to the heat because we were pushing 30C that day and none of us were all that bothered about food. Now I wonder if there was something wrong with the chicken. He’d had no problems with the rest of it, just that piece which was the last of a packet of 9 real chicken pieces especially for puppies. I checked the date on the packet and it was well within the use by date, but I still think something might have been off with it.

Yesterday he seemed fine, just really hot as it was difficult to find anywhere cool to lie down in the 32C heat we suffered. Then this morning, not long after pup had gotten up, he again had projectile diarrhoea all over the patio… Now, the thing is, last night Bear made spinach pasta for dinner and dropped one of the frozen spinach cubes on the floor, which pup grabbed and ran off with and ate in about 20 seconds. Spinach isn’t toxic but it’s not something that’s recommended for dogs. After dinner Bear wiped his finger around his plate and offered it to the dog in his crate. For which he earned himself a Paddington Hard Stare and was asked if he’d put garlic in it, as he usually does.

Which he had. “Oh shit.! I forgot about that.” Garlic is of course toxic to dogs and in this case it’s worse because as well as adding garlic powder to the dish, it’s made with garlic cream cheese. I did think that perhaps doggo would react a lot sooner than he did, as he did when he’d been chewing on the hydrangea wood at The Mommy’s a few weeks ago, but by bedtime he seemed fine and had eaten his dinner, although he didn’t pee before bed which he usually does, again we put it down to the heat. This morning even after the projectile diarrhoea, pup seemed fine and was chasing geranium petals around the patio and eating them.!

Which made me wonder, as he’d been doing that over the past few days too… what with the wind blowing the petals all over the garden and patio… so I googled, to find that geranium is toxic to dogs… all of it.! For fuck sake.!! So for the past few days we’ve been poisoning our puppy by allowing him to eat toxic flower petals, feeding him garlic and giving him tainted chicken treats. Jeez.! 😥 I now have a much more updated version of the toxic plant list, thanks to the BBC, because the Kennel Klub one didn’t have geranium or clematis or lilies on it. All of which I have on the patio… Had on the patio, the geranium is now on the lower step on the other side of the fence.

My ex- is now subtly taking the piss, which doesn’t come as a surprise… the only thing that mildly surprised me was the fact that it’s taken him as long as it has to start. He sent me a message about the whole taking my name off his house thing, informing me completely unnecessarily that he is re-mortgaging the house, which is now only worth a fraction more than what he bought it for back in 2006. He paid £125,000, it’s now worth £134,000 (I checked), and that he has to pay £10,000 on top to get the house deeds in his name only because no solicitor, taking into consideration his circumstances, normally does that.

His circumstances being retired military, injured and not working or paying taxes, but receiving a monthly military pension and all the benefits. I can understand why no solicitor would touch him. In that position, on paperwork, he wouldn’t be able to afford to re-mortgage, but this is my hoarder ex-, who specialises in hoarding money away in secret little places only he knows about. He can well afford to re-mortgage, well afford to lose ten thousand pounds without it making a dent in his savings. He”s been hoarding money since before I met him and I very much doubt his wife has a clue where all his money is hidden. I didn’t when I was married to him.

He’s also added me (accidentally.? My ass) to a chat group on Facebook he shares with his military buddies. I’ve stayed silent and I’m not paying any attention to it because the second I do I know all kinds of spiteful shit will get said, which I will have no option but to respond to, and I’m not doing that online. He wants a spat, fine, but it’ll be face to face and he won’t win. Which he knows, which is why he added me to his group. I could leave but he’s added me for a reason and as yet I don’t know what that reason is. I know he’s just being a Dick, it’s his default setting.

My brother’s youngest daughter has gone into labour. She’s not due until July 4th, but as she’s had a lot of gynae issues over the years the doctors are not surprised she’s about to drop too early and have been ready for this for a few months now. She had a few issues back in March and was told she might need to be induced to save the baby as she can’t be given any anaesthetic, but she managed to overcome those issues and was on bed-rest for two months. Keeping fingers crossed that all goes well now.

The children are here for the weekend, until Wednesday… 😮 I knew this was coming because Bear mentioned it last week and told me he’d be working on Monday and Tuesday… to which I told him if he was working they were going home. I am not putting up with their shit alone, in stupid temperatures, all day just because he agreed to that crap to keep their mother sweet. They’re here, he’s here.! We’ve already got them for three weeks in a row in July/August and you know that’s going to stress me the fuck out in week one. There will be alcohol in this house, believe me. We’re going to The Mommy’s tomorrow for a BBQ, so at least there’s that. 😀


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