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Barking Mad, Cuddles & Persona Non Grata

I don’t know what’s gotten into the dog of late, but he just won’t quit barking. Everything sets him off, smells, sounds, presumed sounds and smells, anything that might look like it might be about to make a sound or smell different… and once he’s on a roll, that’s it… distraction doesn’t work, treats work for only as long as it takes him to wolf them down, and then he’s off again… barking at absolutely nothing. He doesn’t have a normal dog bark either, his is high-pitched and verges on yappy, even though he barks like a medium sized dog. We think it might be the Toller in him… some of them are known to have a high-pitched bark, that sounds like a scream. I hope to God he doesn’t develop that, the neighbours already hate us. 😀

He has started giving and asking for cuddles recently, which is a bonus. I discovered it when I was sat on the end of the sofa, sorting out the keypad for the Xbox. Doggo came jumping up on the sofa behind me and pushed himself under my arm and into my lap. Where he sat there nudging the side of his face against mine meaningfully. It took me by surprise, mostly because he didn’t bite me, which is the usual greeting for anyone and everything. I put my arms around him carefully, because I’m very aware of the advice to never force your attention or affections on your pet, and he snuggled in and lay in my arms, licking my hand.! Now it’s a case of advising the dog not to force his attentions and affections on me. !

Every time I sit on the sofa now he’s on me like a bad rash, trying to climb on me to eat my hair or lick my ears, or pushing himself on to me to be hugged, forcing whatever I have in my hands out of the way. I hope this latest u-turn in his behaviour doesn’t become an issue.

Today is Father’s Day in the UK, well, I think it’s Father’s Day everywhere actually, but Bear doesn’t subscribe to the annual conglomerate-forced consumer events, so Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and the such don’t get any attention in this house. Gazpacho Soup Day and Towel Day do though… anyway, as yet, having not made any mention of Father’s Day on the family Messenger group, I have received no arsey comments or jibes, or other such subtle crappiness from my ‘family’, which is a first. I can’t send wishes to my father, even if I wanted to, due to him having blocked me on Fb. I could make mention on the family group, but to be fair, it would only get thrown back in my face, so I’m not bothering.

Since my blow up on the group, the only person to say a word to me has been my sister, who sent birthday wishes. My brother and his wife have gone silent, as has my stepmother. It’s fun when you learn just how unsupported you are by your own family… again. It seems to be a theme in my life… the shit hits the fan and everyone buggers off and leaves me on my own. Even my own best friend has stayed quiet. Yet again I am Persona Non Grata… at this rate I should get a t-shirt printed with it on and maybe a badge.


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