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Squeaks, Sores & Slobbery Teens

This afternoon, Bear brought home a new toy for the pup… the most fucking annoying high-pitched squeaky ball ever.!!! And of course, the dog LOVES it.! He wasn’t sure at first because the squeak made even him jump, but he soon got used to it and decided it had to be heard all across the neighbourhood and has since obliged. I’m pretty sure my neighbours now hate us every bit as much as I hate them. He’s completely totalled his squeaky bear, ripping holes in it and pulling out the stuffing. I tried to repair it but he wasn’t having it and ripped more holes in it. Poor little bear.

Pup hurt his back paw earlier this afternoon, no idea how, but I’m thinking he got it caught under one of the vertical planks on the new gate and grazed the back of his metatarsal pad. I couldn’t see anything at the time and he didn’t flinch when I checked him over but it started to bleed tonight after he’d been running around the patio and living room like a lunatic, smearing blood all over the place. I cleaned it as much as possible, but there was nothing I could put on it that he wouldn’t have chewed off, so he went in his crate to calm down and rest for a while. It looks like quite a nasty graze and he flinches a lot when I touch it, but he still walks on it okay.

The children are here for the weekend, staying until Tuesday evening. Bear has early shifts on Monday and Tuesday, so they’ll be at my mercy for most of the day. Already the girl child has done all her homework so she doesn’t have to do any schooling on Monday or Tuesday. The boy child’s not so prepared, but now there are desks and chairs in their bedrooms he can go upstairs to do his in peace… or as much peace as you can get while a lunatic dog races around barking and squeaking alternately the entire day. Good luck to him.

The girl child however, will be at the dog’s mercy too… and so far she’s none too chuffed with the amount of slobber the new squeaky ball can hold, having had pup rest it against her bare arm to make it squeak and having it come away looking like something out of Alien… gross.! 😀 The boy child thought it was hilarious until pup decided the boy child had to play with him and thrust said slobbered on ball into his hands, making him shriek like a girl.! 😀 To be fair, it was pretty revolting. I’m clever enough by now to keep out of pup’s radar unless there’s food involved. I’m happy to be the tug of war player and the provider of food and treats… but the slobber can be Bear’s reward… he bought the ball after all.


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