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Daylight Saving Time, Alcoholic Hand Sanitiser & Puppy Preparations

On Sunday (29-03) the clocks went forward and for a full 24 hours, I was in limbo, having no idea what the right time was. Bear got up and went to work early, and I went back to sleep because he’d tossed and turned and snored all night long. I woke up around what I thought was 10am, because that’s what my tablet said the time was, while my ipad said it was around 11am. Not knowing which one was right, because both are connected to the Internet, I went downstairs to check the oven and microwave clocks, because I know Bear would have changed them when he got up. They both said it was just before 10am. So I went with it, totally missing the fact that my laptop said 11am.

Even when I checked my laptop at 1pm and finally made breakfast did it not occur to me to check the oven/microwave clocks… and when Bear came home at 2.40pm, a full hour earlier than normal did I wonder why he was home early, because my tablet, on which I was reading, said it was 2.40pm. That whole day confused the hell out of me. It wasn’t until the next morning when Bear and I were debating what the time really was, having had a lion until almost 1oam did I realise that he hadn’t changed the clocks in the kitchen, and it was actually 11am. And I only discovered it because I turned the TV on and saw that the time at the top of the programme guide said 11.02am.!

Dumbass.! I could have done that on Sunday and not spent the entire day in limbo.

This morning the BBC Breakfast TV presenter was interviewing an NHS doctor who was informing people of the coronavirus statistics and told them that sanitising their hands with vodka (which people are actually doing (!!)) was not going to do a damned thing because it only has 40% alcohol, and to sanitise you need to use at least 70% alcohol. He said you’d be better off using, if you had any, Jamaican cooking rum, which is 70% proof. Personally, if I had Jamaican cooking rum, I damn sure wouldn’t be rubbing it on my hands. If there was a chance I might have an infection of any kind, and even if I didn’t, that shit would be going down my throat, with a small amount of ice.

Yes, I know rum’s supposed to be drunk at room temperature, but would you drink 70% cooking rum like that.? It needs cooling a little.

This afternoon, the rest of the ordered items in preparation for the pup were delivered, so now we have a crate and a puppy sized carry crate for bringing him home tomorrow. I don’t want to just put him in the back and leave him to it. I want him where I can see him and he can see us. I want him to be car trained so he can travel with us when we go to the UK again. He already has his pet passport and is up to date with his vaccinations, other than the nine week booster we need to get arranged for two weeks time. We have food bowls that can be raised as he grows so he doesn’t get pain in his neck and shoulders from having to lean down so far to eat.

I also got Bear to agree that when he’s big enough DRAX the Destroyer can have space on the sofa, so that he can sleep in the sun if he wants to. That’s a big step for Bear, who was insistent that the dog would not be on the sofa. I pointed out that he allowed the kids on it, so why not the dog, or was the dog not a member of our family.? He’s a man who believes in equality, so the quadruped will get equal benefits to the biped’s in this house, with the exception of course, as to whether those benefits could cause the quadruped harm. I’m afraid the dog’s not getting chocolate. Not that I share that stuff anyway.


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