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Stroppy Teen, Snazzy Dressing & Plain White Shoes (Or How To Piss Your Partner Off In 5, 4, 3….)

The very first men’s outfitters we tried, the clerk took one look at Bear and recommended another outfitters, he wasn’t even going to try and persuade us that he had anything that would fit him.

Imelda Marcos, Roman Domestic Abusers & Road Racers

Some vintage, some retro styled, most glossy, sexy ‘fuck me’ shoes because I was that age, stripper heels a plenty, a pair of New Rock’s I bartered for because I couldn’t afford them but wanted them SO badly.

Stripper Heels, Climie Fisher & Enchilada Sauce (No, this is not a porn post.!)

No luck on finding anything even remotely suitable for a guy his size, so it looks like a bespoke job. I did find an awesome pair of men’s silver glitter stripper heels though… figured Bear wouldn’t entertain the idea… but I’m gonna ask him anyway. 😀

The Weekly Shop

The best laid plans and all that… *sigh* Yesterday ended at just gone 2am for me as we sat up and watched the two NFL games. I managed to keep focused until half time in the Packers/Niners game and then gave up and went to bed. Bear came up about 45 minutes later and IContinue reading “The Weekly Shop”


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