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LGBTQIA+ Pride Month

A month dedicated to celebrating our differences, not hating them or using them as an excuse to victimise and be violent towards people we don’t understand, so are scared of and consequently judge unfairly, deciding they are some form of enemy. We are the only species that practises homophobia in a world where most species have homosexual relationships. How we remain the dominant species is a surprise considering how insecure and fragile we are. We’re terrified of our fellow human beings because they’re a different colour, speak a different language, follow a different religion and live in a different culture, with different rules and morals. We hate them because they love differently, completely, unconditionally and confidently.

We are all human, ergo we should all be equal, but of course we’re not. We’ve created a world that gives straight people the upper hand, setting standards of behaviour we don’t bother to live up to. Setting a moral code we ignore when it suits us, but holding everyone else up to and condemning them for not reaching those high standards while we wallow in the gutter, feeling unjustifiably superior. We can do better. Every day should be a new start to be better. To prove that we are capable of change and acceptance, to educate ourselves instead of being proud of our ignorance, to show we care about others beyond our own little insulated bubbles and do what we can to help.

Resist hatred

Fight back against homophobia, bi-phobia and transphobia. Our differences are to be accepted and celebrated, not feared and hated. In a world as technological as ours, ignorance should be a thing of the past. Information and education is everywhere. There is no excuse for fear based on ignorance. It is not logical to hate because of love.

Happy Pride Month 🌈 💖


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