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Buzzcuts, Bundt Cake & Hot Pants

The boy and girl child are here for the weekend and have some noticeable additions since the last time they were here. The girl child now sports braces around her top and bottom teeth and is none too pleased about it because of the amount of effort she has to put in to looking after them and keeping her teeth clean. Her three x daily regimen includes mouth wash, a small brush to brush any food crumbs out of her braces, her toothpaste and electric toothbrush and an anti-bacterial mouthwash to ensure she doesn’t get an infection from her braces rubbing on the inside of her cheeks and lips. The boy child has a new buzzcut, a hairstyle he hasn’t had since he was 5 years old. He got fed up with his hair brushing against his ears and took the plunge after finding out the barber’s weren’t going to be opening near him for a few more weeks. It’s added about four years to him and makes him look taller than he already is.! 😮

Bear asked if I’d make a cake for the girl child, although her birthday was earlier in the week and she was treated to cake, pie and cheesecake.! And she’s likely to get cake again when we go to The Mommy’s on Sunday. But I made a cake… chocolate and banana Bundt cake with chocolate drizzled over the top. I like the Bundt tin, it’s easy to use and easy to clean and as yet, I’ve not fucked up a Bundt cake, which is quite an achievement considering my history with 9″ and 11″ loose bottomed cake tins. The birthday girl loved her cake and it went down very well with Bear and the boy child too. So far her presents have included a 3000 piece puzzle she’d wanted, a floating hammock, a set of silver jewellery and a €30 voucher for her local ice cream parlour. She’ll be visiting a wildlife park in Den Haag when the lockdown is lifted, with her mother.

Hopefully, her mother will have a word with her about her current dressing style. She’s a tall, curvy young girl who wears what she wants, which is all well and good when she fits into what she’s wearing. Currently she’s wearing a pair of grey shorts she’s had since she was 13 that are way more revealing than I’d be happy about my 15 year old daughter wearing, especially in public. They look like hot pants. Her butt cheeks are hanging out the bottom and while she’s obviously conscious of it because she keeps pulling them down, she’s still wearing them. The Dutch are very different from the English, my mother would have taken one look at me in too short shorts and demanded I go change and throw the shorts out. The girl child’s mother appears to have no such issues with her daughter looking like someone out of a Kylie Minogue video..

I told Bear about them, but he just nodded his head in agreement and said nothing.!


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