Mankind Is A Sickness & The Fish and Chips Wedding

Only at a time like this.. when people are under quarantine, many are sick, more are dying and the vulnerable find themselves isolated and alone does the sickness that is the human race come into it’s own. People are offering to do shopping for the elderly and infirm, taking their money and not returning. People are breaking into the homes of the vulnerable who live alone, robbing them and stealing food from them. People are being beaten up on the streets for their shopping. Scam artists are conning people into parting with the money they need to live, with health insurance scams and fake claims of medical help.

What the actual FUCK is wrong with us..? Targeting and preying on the elderly and vulnerable at a time when the whole world, never mind the whole country is struggling and afraid, people are alone and isolated and scared of everything… single parents with young children, the elderly, those with health issues and disabilities… what the actual FUCK is wrong with people who do that kind of thing and think it is okay. They are not human, they are not even scum… they’re lower than that.! I’ve always known people were only as good as they’re next meal… and not a hell of a lot of what people do to each other surprises me.

Hoarders filling their homes with non-essentials that in time will end up in a trash heap somewhere, unused because they didn’t damn well need it in the first place just makes me so fucking angry at the level of ignorance and stupidity in people who are so utterly selfish and greedy that they don’t care about others while they’re screaming abuse at shop workers because they haven’t managed to attain that 50th roll of toilet paper, or 30th packet of pasta… Totally oblivious to the fact that it’s their own fault the shelves are empty. These are the people who complain bitterly about others behaving in exactly the same way they do.

To read of the abuses and cruelty people are inflicting on each other daily to get a few more groceries, a few more pounds/dollars/euros just for the sheer hell of doing it… not because they’re desperate for what they’re stealing but because they can, makes me glad that one day we will annihilate ourselves and it will be so well deserved. The quicker we wipe ourselves out, the quicker evolution can get back to starting again from scratch and getting it right. Mankind are the virus.

My sister’s wedding has been reduced to a ceremony. The restaurant she was having her reception at has been ordered to close by the UK Prime Minister. She flatly refuses to cancel or postpone and still doesn’t get it… she now wants to go down to the beach after the ceremony and eat fish and chips and drink beer with the guests who have turned up. It might not be 100 people, but it’s still a large enough group to pass on the virus if anyone has it. She sees herself as a warrior, triumphing against all the odds, rather than considering that there’s a damn good reason all these obstacles are being thrown in her path…


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