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Pear Shaped Toast & Distant Relatives

I’ve started looking at wedding outfits for next month. It’s not a lot of fun. I’m not what you’d consider curvy and despite losing 30lbs in the past 6 months, I haven’t lost more than a couple of inches all over, so I haven’t even dropped a dress size. I’m an upside down pear shape apparently, according to the Dorothy Perkins website… how that’s supposed to help me find the right size for me I have no idea. I think it’s time I ventured out to a real shop and tried stuff on.

Finally managed to track my son down, who decided to call really late last night and talk bollocks for almost 2 hours. 😀 Poor Bear was lolling while I was trying to extricate myself from a conversation about the benefits of toast and what shade of brown is best, so we could go to bed as he’s on an early today. It’s a good thing he can sleep through pretty much anything because Storm Ciara kept me awake, howling down the street and making numerous attempts at ripping the bushes up by the roots all night long.

There’s not too much damage locally, but tons of it on the other side of town, with trees having fallen across roads and the roof of an apartment building pulled up and hanging over the side of the building. Best thing is, it kept wheezy moped guy from coming round.! \o/ So I got to sleep in until 6.10am… Yeah… not that good huh.? Today, I received a message from a guy in Massachusetts who may be distantly related to me, through my father’s 2 x great grandparents.

Still trying to figure it out, as he knows next to nothing beyond his grandparents, just the odd name here and there that his mother remembers. It’s fun researching and trying to figure it out, so that’s what I’ve spent a few hours doing today, while browsing BonPrix and Torrid and other plus size online stores… I did see a nice jumpsuit with a tropical floral design organza cape… have to show Bear, see what he thinks. I have a nice beetroot linguine planned for this evening, with walnuts and feta.


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