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Superbowl 2020

I’m getting too old for this shit. “We’re getting too old for this shit.!” We say it every year, around noon the day of Superbowl and yet we keep doing it… Superbowl that is. Finally walked in the door at 5.10am, having been awake for 23 hours. Fell asleep around 6am and was awake before noon. Ugh.! Early night tonight… hahahaha… we keep saying that every year too.! 😀 Maybe one day.

It was a good night. Only 5 of us made it, because the other 3 had work commitments this morning and we sat in the vegan’s very stylish, and very cosy Art Deco furnished sitting room, that I’m quite envious of now and stuffed our faces with three varieties of tortilla chips, vegan hotdogs with sauerkraut and tons of ketchup and vegan mayo and the pasties I’d made, which the guys said were great.

We had Brand pilsner, Cherry Porter, an organic German wheat beer and the usual Franziskaner wheat beer that our cigar smoking friend bought. Way too much food and drink for five people, so of course we brought a lot of it home again and Bear had pasties for brunch. I won’t tell you the result, in case you’re watching a replay later, but I wasn’t happy with it. Bear and his brother Bart jointly won the group’s Superbowl Trophy, which Bart is going to look after, Bear having won it five out of the past nine years.

They have a competition when the playoff’s start as to who can correctly guess which team will win each match and make it to the Superbowl, and then correctly guess the winner. Bear being the sports nut that he is always manages to guess the most, although he’s been surprised a few times when his team’s lost by a point or two. He’s not a sore loser though which I always appreciate.

Hampton had a great time and the guys liked his shirt.

I still have to get some housework done today, make a meal plan for the week and write a shopping list. I wonder how you write ‘I’m getting too old for this shit’ in Dutch.? 😉 😀


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