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Vegans, Writing and Competitive Plushies

Oooh, get me, being up all early and shit.. 😀 Okay, it was wheezy moped guy’s fault. I thought Saturday’s were sacred but apparently he delivers on weekends too. Damn.! I’m considering one of those police Stingers… laying it across the entrance to our street, hiding it in the leaves. That’ll teach the noisy sod. Then I might actually get to sleep in a little.

Bear’s on a late one again, so dinner is already done and cooling. I’m being seriously efficient today. Don’t worry, it won’t last. I have to plan what to take to the Superbowl game tomorrow night, we’re watching it at a vegan friend’s house, so I’m trying to find vegan things to make. He said it was okay to bring meat and vegetarian stuff, but I’d find that quite offensive when everyone I know knows I’m vegan and then brings animal flesh and produce into my home.

So I’m being respectful and going vegan for the night. The problem is my local supermarket has a very limited range of vegan produce so I’m going to have to investigate other stores in the area. Oh well, I have to make a meal plan for next week anyway, so I can kill two birds with one stone. After which I will get back to writing.

I got a lot done yesterday, it was hard going but I’m really glad I got it out of the way and can move on to slightly happier things today. Bear read some of what I’d written but had to stop as it upset him and made him angry to read of the shitty things done to me. It upset me too in the writing, but once I was past it and had gotten myself a stiff drink and a comfort snack, it was okay and I felt a bit better.

I also have to make a blue shirt for my little hamster plushie, as I’m taking him to the Superbowl viewing tomorrow night. Bear’s brother Bart can’t make it but I know he’ll be posting pics of himself with his mouse plushie all over Facebook like he did last year. Mouse now has a black and yellow RODA JC shirt, and Hampton will not be outdone.! 😉 😀


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