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Calcific Tendonitis and Foods That Start With C

I managed to see 9am today… and am feeling a little better. My throat isn’t so sore, but the way this damn cough is going, it soon will be. It’s turning into one of those hacking coughs that’s going to drive me nuts and keep me up all night. 😦 Today I”m going to ask Bear to make an appointment at the Doc’s for me, and see about sorting my shoulder out before it gets much worse. I know what the Doc will say, but it has to be done before I’m completely incapacitated.

My right shoulder started the same way seven years ago, with calcium building up in my rotator cuff, rubbing against the bursa sac and inflaming it to the point of agony every time I lifted my arm above elbow height. I underwent anti-inflammatory injections every 2 months into the muscles, which hurt like hell and did basically nothing. They were followed by an injection of saline which was supposed to break up and dissolve the calcium, but didn’t.

My only other option was surgery, which might or might not work, and there was every possibility the calcium would only build up there again anyway… so I didn’t bother. I saw no reason to go under the knife when the chances were high it wouldn’t do a damned bit of good and I’d just be left with yet another scar. That might be my only option this time too… and again I’m not going there without assurances that it’ll work and I’ll be able to use my arm normally again.

I’m already doing a great T-Rex impersonation, with the very short range I have with my arms and the limited use. I can’t lift anything heavier than a few items of clothing, can’t put my arms behind my back, or my hands behind my head to brush my hair, can’t push or pull doors heavier than the average house door, as resistance is agonising. I used to arm wrestle my teenage sons, and win… now I couldn’t arm wrestle a mouse. It feels like impact shock in my shoulder and bicep and tricep muscles.

Last night I made an Asian style soup with chestnut mushrooms, noodles, lime and ginger. It was pretty amazing, and even Bear said it was one to make again, despite it not being overly spicy. Tonight’s offering is a puff pastry tray-bake with chicory, celeriac and Gorgonzola cheese, three things I actually don’t like that much… but I’ve decided to give them a go as I’ve discovered a recent liking for other foods that I used to dislike intensely eg. chickpeas, cod, corn and cashew nuts. Good thing I like cake. 😀

Bear went out last night, to a Martial Arts training session. It’s the first time he’s been to a fitness class in years and boy, did it show. He came hobbling home, wincing and groaning in pain and will likely spend today and tomorrow stiff and sore, only to go back and do it all again on Sunday evening. He’s out tonight at a political meeting, so I doubt I’ll see him until around 11pm. It gives me a chance to catch up on NCIS, CSI and Bones, so I’m cool.


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