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Recovering Carnivores

“Some of your recipes have meat in them, so you’re not really a vegetarian.!” Don’t you just love when people don’t read things properly and immediately start being judgemental.? I did not say I was a vegetarian, I said I was on a new vegetarian diet… emphasis on the new… plus I also said the recipes I post were for inspiration and that I was notoriously bad at following instructions… apparently, I’m not the only one.!

Bear and I are actually recovering carnivores… before August 2019 if it didn’t have meat in it, we weren’t interested and if there was more than two vegetables in it, it wasn’t happening. Now we eat MOSTLY vegetarian meals at home, although there are instances where I might add fish, or chorizo, or bacon if I can’t get the vegetarian equivalent. Or we go to his Mom’s and she’s made something with meat in it.

We’ve told her we eat mainly vegetarian at home, but we’re not about to insist that she cook only vegetarian for us. She’s been cooking healthy balanced meals for over 50 years and there’s no reason for her to stop. Our diet is our business, not something to push on to her to respect and adhere to when we don’t have food allergies or hangups. She gets enough of that from Bear’s ex-wife who is vegan and insists everyone around her is too.

We didn’t suddenly develop morals or ethics or any other holier than thou reason to cut our meat intake. It was a purely selfish, aesthetic reason and I’m in no way ashamed of that. I planned on gently easing us out of it, knowing that if you go cold turkey, you just crave what you’re told you can’t have. I did it with chocolate, coffee and with trying to lose weight in decades gone by. Never successfully. So I planned on gently easing us out of eating so much meat, but it was easier than we thought and within a month we barely ate any.

Now we eat healthier and more thoughtfully and these days it’s a very occasional fish or salami addition to a mainly vegetable dinner, bacon less so because I found a very tasty vegetarian substitute made with soy. It doesn’t look or taste like bacon, but it’s a much lower calorie alternative to the 375 calories per 100g we were eating previously. We asked the children if they minded having meat only occasionally and told them I’d happily provide burgers, chicken wings or meat based meals as they wished.

Both kids said they were happy to have vegetarian meals as they ate meat a lot at home and only ate the same vegetables with every meal, so a different variety was most welcome. Now when I find recipes I like the look of and they contain meat, I omit it or substitute it with chestnut mushrooms, which are heavenly.


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